Hi, and thanks so much for being here. I’m Eliana, a passionate personal stylist from Melbourne. These days, personal stylists are popping up everywhere, so I bet you’re wondering what makes me different? Great question! I think Coco Chanel summed it up perfectly when she said,“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”

If you’re stuck in a wardrobe rut, battling confidence issues, feel like you have nothing to wear, yet avoid shopping at all costs, you’re in the right place. I take a simple, efficient, and fun approach, tailoring my personal styling process just for you.

I work with beautiful, real women just like you, taking the time to listen and understand their struggles, then guiding and nurturing them to confidently express their individuality through their own personal style. No matter your size or what you have been through, I help you achieve the outcome you need in a caring and non-judgemental environment.

I work with...

  • Mums going back to work
  • Post-Natal Mums 
  • Women who shed some kilos and now want to flaunt the results (go, girlfriend!)
  • Ladies who have put on weight or struggle with weight (that's me)
  • A romantic looking for love or has been through a tough break up
  • Professional women seeking a promotion, a new job or changing their corporate image
  • Mumtrepreneurs or Women Business Owners who seek to step up their Personal Branding

Together, we’ll streamline your existing wardrobe, revive it with beautiful (yet practical) new pieces, and then bring it all together giving you lots of mix-and-match options. I'll also teach you all the fashion basics, what looks good on you, and show you how fashion can be made easy. The result? Getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze, you’ll leave the house feeling a million dollars, and you’ll reap the rewards personally and professionally. Whatever your age, body type, lifestyle, and budget, we’ll make your dreams come true today and empower you to make your own smart fashion choices into the future.

Ultimately, I make fashion simple, easy, and fun – exactly the way it should be!

What next?

To get to know me better, click here. To hear from my gorgeous clients, click here. Or, if you’re keen to get going straight away (I like your style!), find out more about partnering with me as your personal stylist, click here